Gina, lead instructor and owner of Ride Or Die, recently moved back to the Charlotte area from Charleston, SC.  Her passion for fitness started at a young age due to influence from her father and encouragement from her mother. Starting competitive sports at age 6 eventually led her to competing as a NCAA collegiate athlete as a women's lacrosse player.  During her college days, Gina loved exploring any way to improve her endurance to have an edge on other players; which is how she found spin!  Something sparked within her after that first ride... and the love affair began!  Her passion for spin steadily grew and took her on a journey to become an instructor.  Being an instructor for 4 years now, she has had the pleasure to coach and help so many people reach their fitness goals.  When you ride with her expect to have a booty burning time to the beat of some of her favorite music.  Come Ride & Vibe with her unique, yet simple moves that'll have your body and mind thanking her later for it!  When Gina isn't in the studio you most likely will find her in the gym lifting or in a local yoga studio getting her zen on!  If you can't find her, well she's most likely at home cuddling up with her 3 big dogs and fiancé enjoying a nice big cup of tea or coffee!  

Favorite Genres of Music: Techno, House Music, Pop, Remixes of any sort and much more!  

Guilty Pleasures: Coffee, Tea, and Dairy-Free Ice Cream!



Joe was born in Ghana (West Africa) and moved to Greensboro, NC at the tender age of 3. Such a move was more challenging for his 10 older siblings, but being that America is all he knew he fit in well. Joe wanted to play Football (Soccer), but due to some oversight by his parents, he ended up playing American Football, which kickstarted Joe’s athletic adventure. Joe went on to play a year of college baseball at Campbell University. Joe then transferred to UNCC, where he dreamed of walking on, but fell in love with being a student, but he never lost his competitive edge as he stayed involved with intramurals, and then found his passion for strength and conditioning. His dreams of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer still floats in his mind, however, spin has taken much of that headspace today.

Riding with Joe will be a heart-pumping, sweat-inducing musical escapade that will leave you physically challenged, and mentally stimulated. Joe will push you to a through your self-prescribed physical limits with the goal of helping you realize how much you can truly achieve with a little added effort.

Outside of fitness you can find Joe at House & Techno events in Charlotte or scouring the streets in search of the city’s best chicken wings with his friends, or long walks around Uptown with his four-legged son, Tucker.

Fun fact: Joe has been to 11 music & arts festivals.

Favorite Genres of Music: Techno, House Music, Jazz & Hip-Hop

Guilty Pleasures: Chicken Wings, IPAs, and Don Julio Tequila

Favorite Quote: “We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.” - Seneca

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Lauren is from the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. From her outdoorsy lifestyle in the mountains to coaching group fitness in the heart of DC, she loves everything health and fitness. Lauren is an avid runner, yogi, and cross fitter and is now joining the world of spin and can’t get enough! Oh, and she LOVES to dance. Getting your heart pumping and releasing endorphins is her goal. Taking a class with Lauren, you can expect great booty popping music, motivation, and a hella intense workout to fit anyone’s needs. You won’t leave your bike without feeling like you’re a badass and that you are capable of whatever you put your mind to. Life is all about balance, so if you don’t see Lauren running or sweating out toxins from a heated yoga class, you can most likely find her exploring every local coffee shop, brewery, or restaurant in the Charlotte area. She is a social butterfly and loves being around people (and animals, too)!

Favorite Genres of Music: Pop, Hip-Hop, Electropop, and Indie Rock

Ways to My Heart: Dark Chocolate, live music, and puppies