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Welcome To Ride Or Die CHarlotte

Welcoming all ages and fitness levels! You will not regret it when you choose to take control and ride with us! Our studio is not only a place to sweat and workout, but it is also a place for you to come and experience. Our rides will take you on a journey of sweat and emotions. With our state of the art sound system and lights, you will really feel each song not just in your booty, but also in your soul! When you become our Ride Or Die’s you will experience great beats, challenging workouts, a beautiful space and motivational trainers. We promise to make you sweat, smile and dance your way to an incredible ride and vibe. Get ready for a heart-pounding, 50-minute journey focused on empowerment and transformation. This is our playground. You’re invited. The rest is up to you

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What to Expect

Ride Or Die is a full-service studio that offers a full body workout; cardio, easy to follow choreography and strength with small hand weights. Every ride will get your whole body moving and will always end with a 5 minute relaxing cool down, accompanied by an ice cold lavender soaked towel. Questions? Read the FAQ. Or reach out to us via email or phone!


Studio Rules

Here at Ride Or Die we are committed to riding to the same beat. The flow and energy in the room can easily be ruined by someone intentionally not riding as part of the team. By being mindful of the intention we are all trying to set, we can continue to strengthen our mind and body. As such, avoid the front row if you are not feeling up to the challenge of leading your fellow riders and always discuss any injuries/limitations with the instructor prior to the start of the ride.

1.  No smartphones in the studio. Life is what happens between wifi signals.
2. No leaving early! This ruins the vibe we’re working hard to create.
3. No admission once the ride is started. Please get to the studio on time!
4. New riders. For your safety please get to the studio 15 minutes prior to your first ride.